Live blog of Hurricane Sandy

11:30 woke up after my little sister jumped on my bed and told me that I wouldn’t get breakfast if I didn’t get out of bed now. Felt threatened. Did not get out of bed. I opened my curtain to see the damage that sandy had done. Damage on my street is minimal. There are some branches and leaves on the ground. This is a hurricane?

11:35 Go on Facebook. See posted photos of the damage from Sandy. Read claims of flooding and snow and dogs lifted off the ground by high winds. Slightly skeptical.

12:04 Parents are missing from the home. Drink some white cran peach juice and eat rice.

12:15 I see parents are walking in the backyard. Why? They come into the house. Dad dramatizes hurricane situation on Shore Rd. Dad claims that all my friends have evacuated when actually their cars are in their garages. My street was too quiet so parents decided to be storm chasers and check out flooded areas.



12:41 Incessant sirens. What is going on out there? Maybe I’ll check out the happenings in town after I finish my physics homework.

3:58 Stuck on number 9c of physics homework. Really frustrated. Power goes out and I suddenly feel really sad and helpless.

3:59 Power is back!

5:25 Got another automated call from some man with warnings of the escalating storm. “We have not seen the worst yet.” Is anyone else seeing a zombie apocalypse parallel here? He said that the storm would start worsening around 6pm so my family took that to mean the electricity would go out at 6. Made a mad scramble to print everything I’ve been working on and to finish the college financial stuff online.

6:00 The end of the world is here. My Internet cut out. I might as well have no electricity. Didn’t finish financial stuff that is due tomorrow. Also, got a phone reminder that I have a college interview tomorrow. Are we rescheduling?

6:07 Wondering why collegeboard doesn’t have a mobile site.

6:11 Internet is back. Sent financial stuff to college no. 1.

6:24 Power outage. 2 seconds later. Power is back. 20 seconds later. Power is out. 7 seconds later power is back.

6:26 Power is out for good. Good news is that we made a full pot of rice which finished cooking just as the power went out. Fab.

6:30 Candle lighting ceremony. Can’t really work with this little light.

7:30 Start watching a movie on laptop.

9:30 Start math homework.

10:30 Blow out candles. I really love blowing out candles. Am i juvenile? Sleep in the cold.



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