Typical day with the square friends

My friends and I are losers. We do work or pretend to do work and watch instructional baking videos and honey boo boo parodies until 9 on Friday night. But you know what? I’m going to be a winner in the end. I feel like I come across as some anal, stickler of a person when actually I’m pretty laid back and relaxed. I don’t believe in talking about your character or personality using adjectives because actions should speak louder than words, but I put that out there for anyone who absorbs claims easily.
After doing work and writing and being productive for a million hours we ate pizza and watched young Frankenstein for a premature Halloween. We were all so exhausted though that we ended up sleeping for half of the movie. This isn’t an unusual occurrence for me. Ever since last year, I always fall asleep when I go to my friends’ houses. I’m tired all the time and weekends are for sleeping.

Also a comment about today, I made two comments that insinuated that I did not want to live which is not true at all to one teacher and she probably thinks that I’m fixated on death and premature endings to life or something. The first comment was in a conversation about the end of the world with reference to these crazy weather predictions and 2012 and i said that I want the world to end. I don’t know why I said that. I guess that isn’t true. I don’t want it to end but I don’t fear the end of the world. I want to experience all the little facets of life like love and hate and whatever all that romantic stuff, but I feel like I’m on a different agenda from other people. I have to figure out what that agenda is of course. The second comment had to do with education in Korea and i obviously made a comment about the frequency of suicide and then I proceeded to say that I probably would have committed suicide too under those stressful conditions. I was not being serious although I genuinely don’t know how I would have survived in such an atmosphere. #sociallyunacceptable. I should think a little more.


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