Dumb dog, why are you following me?

I ain’t got a crumb dog. I want hurricane Sandy to cancel school in the least destructive way possible. I would really appreciate that. I’ve been hearing so much about Sandy. She (or is it a he?) is a hurricane, but the cold temperature will make her a snow-i-cane and she is also known as a noreaster (which is factually incorrect I believe, but I have heard that from the masses) or a torrential downpour and considering these expectations she will probably be nothing more than soaked clothes in school. 

Disappointment has a name and it’s heartbreak warfare, so although all this talk about a potential cause for a few days off from school has permeated the hallways, I haven’t looked up any information about Sandy. I know I’m just going to read a lot of dramatized articles that give me that feeling in my stomach when I see a cute boy. I’m really passionate about vacation and weather, okay? I just don’t want want to be kept waiting around for someone unreliable.

Well now that I’ve read some articles, I’m so excited for no school. Are my expectations too high? No matter because anticipation will keep my hopes high.

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