funny/embarrassing story of the day

I really had faith in humans until today. How hard is it to share an m&m (not sponsored by the m&m company) or some Hershey chocolates (Hershey is paying me to say this) with a girl who needs some comfort and love in her life?

I walked out of physics only to be sucked into the masses of people walking down the hallway. My legs guided by the flow of traffic in the hallway (stay to the right) took me down the hallway where I would, not surprisingly, embarrass myself.

Physics today was difficult to sit through today. I don’t know what I am learning anymore. Is this a unit? Is this a chapter? Or are we just discussing random scenarios involving rockets shot into space and rockets travelling to the center of the earth? because I’m pretty sure that isn’t real life. And isn’t physics all about real life? I’m being facetious. In reality I totally want to know about forces inside the earth. damn I did it again. oops I did it again. I gave you my heart. Got lost in the game. Ooh baby baby… Britney really had a hard life. She gives me motivation to get through every day. You go girl. You pop princess. Speaking of princesses, Hannah bought me princess water today. It was so cute. I got Tiana because we are really similar. She was the first black Disney princess and she was from New Orleans. You go girl!

Yesterday was a bad day. A really bad day. Instead of being productive, I wallowed in misery originating from my own laziness. (But don’t worry, I’m back on track now. Chugga chugga). So anyway, discouraged by the turn of events these last few days, I was in a pretty foul mood, until I saw a boy from my gym class with two HUGE bags of chocolate. No one needs that much chocolate. Except maybe after a breakup if you like being dramatic.

Naturally, I asked him for some chocolate, and he just gave me perplexed look and then a smirk, and said no. and then I realized that I had not taken into account the fact that we have never said a word to each other and it’s highly likely that we are strangers. Well not anymore. I saw him in gym class and had my bros beat him up. Just kidding. I introduced myself to him and it was all respectable and cordial until some standerbyer humiliated me by sharing my faux pas with everyone in the class. I got one m&m from this whole experience (not sponsored).


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