Today 10.17

This may be the last of my reflections on the college application process/my daily stressful life because I looked at the past 2 and they were really awful. I mean that’s the quality of writing that my tired self at 2 am can produce on my ayePhone before going to sleep, but that is not the quality of writing that I want to put on a blog that the entire world with unlimited access to the internet can see. This is a public domain for goodness sakes! I need to keep my reputation in mind. I wouldn’t want colleges to read my lovely, well-crafted (questionable) essays and then find my blog which is a jumble of thoughts expressed in such a crass manner. Or maybe I can pass this off as raw and genuine. This is where my unpolished thoughts go. ooh I kind of like the sound of that. But I’m not brave enough to put random uninhibited thoughts out on the internet. Websites are cached, and I hate the idea of putting something ugly and undesirable into the universe. I have this philosophy (wc?), my flute teacher told me about it, and it’s this idea that you should try to produce beautiful things for the universe because whatever you send off into the universe will be there forever. She told me in regards to flute because why would you release ugly flute sounds into the universe? You should only produce beautiful flute music, otherwise the aliens far out in the universe would hear some treacherous sounds and die. I’m not saying that people with  unrefined sounds shouldn’t play, it’s just a method of motivating yourself and having a positive outlook.

Today I wrote a 250 word supplement about community. I wrote about my youth group and I don’t know if I revealed enough about myself. I’m trying to cover all the bases, so my common app is about voice and personal development/growth and then one supplemental essay is about engineering and academic interests and the other supplemental essay is about community as I said. so strategic, right? and I wanted to show colleges that I’m not a total square, so I talked about my crazy church community and I labeled myself the ‘enthusiast.’ That was basically the major accomplishment of the day. I drank a skinny Vanilla Latte because that drink and I basically have their same profile. It was from Starbucks because I’m bougie like that. It was gross because I could taste the artificial sugar, although I’m not sure why I’m complaining since I love diet coke. Then I ate this overly sweet oatmeal raisin cookie and a million vitamin C tablets because my dad is convinced that I won’t get sick if I keep a vitamin C tablet in my mouth at all times. Whatever to make the parents happy. My parents never pressure me in regards to college applications or grades, but they get so fussy about food. I’m a very responsible and healthy individual and I’m pretty sure that, unless you are malnourished, taking vitamins doesn’t do anything.

See what I’m saying about terrible writing. This is not quality.

Disclaimer: This is not quality.

Eliner and I are considering making a blog where we post random observations and reflections on our day to day lives. And naturally the blog will be humorous because Eliner and I are pretty darn hilarious. We can name it Eliner and Minnow (and trout). And we already have a theme song! That’s pretty cute, right?


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