My whaleship was my Yale College and my Harvard.
~Herman Melville Moby Dick

I started this blog originally to record and share my life as a high school student. I think I have gone slightly astray from that original goal, so to get back on track, I think I’ll start writing daily bits about my college application process and experience. If it gets dreadfully boring, I’ll stop. I also have this really really long post about my summer research experience with the Simons Program at Stony Brook, so I’ll finish that and post it soon.
I’m not sure if it is tmi to actually mention all the schools I am applying to and essay topics and such, but I think I’ll try to be brave and cautious. I hope I work hard enough to eventually bring good news to my blog.

~Day 1~
I’m really happy because I officially submitted my first college application yesterday! My common app is officially locked and I submitted my supplement and paid so hooray! I would say the amount of stress from writing essays required for this first college is comparable to the stress you get before final exams that really count and matter to you.
For me at least, I really did not want to write essays mostly because writing is so time consuming and labor intensive, but once I sat down and started writing, it wasn’t that bad. I always started out with an idea that I wanted to pursue. But school makes me creatively anorexic so I like to revive my brain by reading the New York Times, The New Yorker, and thoughtcatalog, and listening to some spoken word poetry and Ted talks for a few days. Then when I felt that I had infused my brain with enough literary and creative food (wc?), I just started writing. Beginnings are difficult, so I usually just start writing about what I know the best/what I can express the most clearly. I also jot down any ideas or good lines and phrases I think of on the bottom of the page. Because I don’t outline or plan my essays well, I inevitably meander away from my original, main message. Then I’m in a rut for a while because it’s hard to align what is already so crooked. Props to chiropractors and orthodontists. Just ask yourself a lot of questions like what are you trying to say? Why? How? And then try to answer these questions. Also a little advice from Sarah Kay- make a list of 5 think you know to be true. Anything. It doesn’t event have to pertain to what you are writing about although it would be fab if it did. For example: I love macarons, not finding the correct word is like nails on a chalkboard, pugs are cute, sweater weather is better weather, and figuring out physics webassign problems makes me feel insanely smart and boosts my ego far more than I think any drug could. You can contradict yourself because people are complicated, yo. But I guess the most important is to convey a clear message.
Editing may require a lot of deleting and rewriting but don’t be afraid of cutting out entire sections that you spent a lot of time on. Also, I’m sure we are all Jumpha Lahiri-ing the heck out of our sentences, but don’t get attached to beautiful sentences. The pain will be unbearable.
Advice for people: do your applications ahead of time! Lol jk. I mean I’m being serious but no one ever takes that advice.
I feel good and I think I recovered pretty well from the major meltdown in research on Friday. People were screaming, a few tears were shed, and everyone left the room with a Himalayan amount of stress. Somehow half of the class had overlooked the section on the common app where it is stated whether the specific school wants common app or supplements first.

I fell asleep while writing this and I don’t have time to write more, so I’m going to post this even though it’s unfinished because YOLO or is it YLOO (you live only once you live once only). Just kidding! YLF (you live forever) because TANPLAHGPBAHGPDS. Whoever can guess what that last acronym means gets my hand in marriage.

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