I’m a bum.

I know. I need an attitude adjustment. I think I’m being lazy and sad just because that is kind of what is expected from first semester seniors. I’m not suffering from any physical or mental or emotional pain or burden. My family is stable. I have all the resources I could possibly need. I enjoy school for the most part, but deadlines are fast approaching which terrifies me. Pretty pathetic, but at this point, I’m just waiting for deadlines to whoosh by. I sometimes forget that I’m actually supposed to live every day, not just do what is necessary and wait around until these angsty few months pass.

I feel like I’m in one of those dreams when you’re driving and you can’t stop and you just keep going and going and you keep getting faster, so fast that you barely have control, and you successfully evade an obstacle a split second before collision and then that feeling of relief washes over you but then you look up to see that there is a truck driving directly towards you and you have to avoid crashes and keep driving and going further because evidently brakes don’t exist in the subconscious.

Oh wait, that’s life.


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