I’ve narrowed down the qualities for which I look and now I am faced with a pool of choices.

You used to go out and take some time to browse, examine, discuss, and ruminate while in the presence of the prized item. But now in this day and age you just use the internet. You observe how they look with other people and on their own. You analyze as much of the dynamic and the relationship they have with others as you can on the internet. However, you are always cautious because images can be deceiving. The internet presents us with so many options, but sometimes the ones we are attracted to aren’t the best fit. What we like on a superficial level is not a good test of compatibility. To find our soulmate and perfect match, we cannot spontaneously take others’ recommendations or judge solely based on their qualities. Instead, it is necessary to consider our own qualities and how both will compliment each other.

Then there is that tragic moment when you discover that your final choice in unavailable and no one knows when, if even ever at all, that one will be attainable. The one you toiled over and dreamed about. You spent so many times weighing the pros and the cons and even shared pictures and details with your closest friends–those who are close enough and brave enough to share their dissatisfied opinions regardless of how harsh. But ultimately, the choice is yours because you have to be willing to make the commitment.

I want to buy a watch. I hope I can find the perfect one and make a full-hearted commitment.


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