The last weekend

..of freedom.

These last few weeks of summer have truly been nothing but enjoyable, but evidently life isn’t all fun and games and all good things must come to an end. Wow. Two cliches in one sentence.

I guess I have been pretty irresponsible lately. While my days have been filled with never-ending quips and laughter, I haven’t been doing the necessary work that success requires. AND I LIVE FOR SUCCESS. Woah. That’s an overstatement but nevertheless, I like working hard and being ambitious.

This weekend is my last weekend of freedom and I am satisfied with my decision to go to the retreat. Time conflicts usually prevent me from attending these sorts of things and this retreat is not exactly at the most convenient time. Regardless, I really need to set myself on the right path before senior year starts. I want my heart to be in the right place and maybe I’ll be a little less crazed during first semester.

I’ve been pretty spontaneous and carefree this summer. No regrets, but summer is over now. I mean reality hurts, but we can’t just eat doughnuts everyday.

PS I saw The Dark Knight Rises FINALLY. I’m probably the last person to see that movie.

PS again: sorry this post kind of sucks. I’m wrote it in like 5 minutes in the morning.

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