Smooth sailing

I’ve never been so happy and satisfied with my life and for this I feel thankful and blessed. My life has never been infused with so much joy and success. Any and every limit has been exceeded and every boundary has been breached.

I am at such a great place in all parts of my life. I’ve come to accept that my research project is finished and I believe that with enough effort on my part, I will be able to produce an impressive paper. I’ve come to terms with the idea that I just can’t do everything and I am perfectly content with the goals I am pursuing.

Perhaps my change in attitude helped me with this next one, but regardless, I mended so many broken relationships. The tension pulling at the fibers of my heart has been mitigated and I am loving so much. I think the love made the greatest difference in my life. Being around such loving people changes you. You can’t help but love them back and then love everyone else in your life.

Please let this continue. I must work hard.


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