I can’t tell if I don’t enjoy comedy because it’s just not my type of humor or I’m just so jaded that professionals can’t make me laugh. I think it’s the former. I watched some comedy with a grad student in my lab today. He enjoys stand-up so much. We were watching YouTube clips and he was cracking up and laughing so hard that he nearly fell off his chair. And my reaction… I mean I smiled and chuckled a little, but I did not find it hilarious. My friend with whom I share a lot of interests recommended 30Rock, so I tried watching that and as much as I love Tina Fey, the show wasn’t that funny. I gained this odd attachment to the show and the characters and became obsessed I really wished I loved the show, when in reality, I never really got it. I was just bored and had way too much time that I wanted to waste. Time you enjoyed wasting is not time wasted. Now I’m watching How I Met Your Mother, and it is entertaining to watch, but I haven’t really laughed out loud yet. Actually, I find it really insightful. I’ll probably be quoting Barney Stinson in the coming weeks/months.

EDIT [082612]: the correct Phil-osophy from Phil himself is “time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”


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