Everyone needs a blog

I’m being serious. Everyone needs a blog. Make a wordpress or a tumblr or a blogspot or even a twitter. I just need to know what you’re thinking and that you’re thinking. Maybe my perceptions and ideals are flawed, as a generation Y teen, but I think I deserve to know how people I care about feel. If I care about you, I want to know what you’re thinking. Or even a hint of what you’re thinking. I want to know that the most stoic people have emotions and that harsh people have understandable reasons behind their actions. After a day of disagreements and misunderstandings, I want to read that you had a fight with your mother earlier in the morning. I want reasons and answers and rationalizations. It’s amazing what you can extract from people’s blogs. I’ve probably written about this before, but writing takes thought. Most people won’t post just anything on the internet. Usually blog posts have been thought through and is content on which the writer has been ruminating. Even if you put up a facade on the internet, I would be relieved because I would see a glimmer of genuine thoughts creeping through that plaster and brick. I cannot stand not knowing how others’ are feeling and having my queries of concern met with stone-hard faces. And it’s not just for me. Blogs are therapeutic. Vomit and spew forth what you can’t say to me during the day. It’ll be refreshing for the both of us, I assure you. So I beg of you. Make a blog.


One thought on “Everyone needs a blog

  1. I tried to make one. But I realized that it’s a lot harder than I thought it was. Plus, I’m just not an interesting person.

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