Simplifying life

My social life isn’t really working for me, so maybe my experiments will start working. There’s this weird trend existing in the world that prevents everything from going right. So here are the possible scenarios.

a. Work is awesome and social life is dead. This is in some ways my favorite scenario because although my social life may not be hopping, success at work pretty much fulfills me. The satisfaction from good grades and results lasts for a long time and I can think back and be proud of myself even years down the road. Even if my social life isn’t exciting and dramatic, I always have friends; although sometimes life can get boring and lonely.

b. Work is failing and social life is thrilling. While the act of working isn’t always uplifting and euphoric, the highs from hanging out and laughing and joking around with friends allow me to throw my head back and relax. The downside for an active social life for me is that the fun is so transient. So the input effort and energy don’t amount to my gain.

c. A stressful and dramatic social life is causing failure in the workplace. There is a thin line between the right amount and an excessive amount of thrill in your social life. The butterflies in your stomach feeling when talking to a new boy or the seemingly never-ending trail of inside jokes that bind the friend group are bound to come to an end. You’re lucky if your soda just loses its fizz. However, there is always that alternate route on which relationships with others get way too complicated or comfortable or crazy. Feelings can be hurt and comments can turn caustic. Watch out because this situation is the worst possible scenario.

d. Last one. The world is cruel and your social life and work life are nothing more than dissatisfactory. I started writing this post yesterday between my time points in the lab, but I never got a chance to finish because I became quite busy at the end of the day. When I first started writing this I thought that my life had at last transitioned from scenario B to scenario A. All those weeks of fun and games had been amazing. It was the break and therapy I needed after that strenuous year of school, but the summer is coming to a close and I need results. Since my social life was getting frustrating and I thought I had pinpointed the cause of my failed reactions, I was pretty excited and hopeful for a high yield of substrate (after 3 weeks of failure)… and then my experiments failed again. So yeah. We can’t get everything. But we can get nothing.

I guess I’m being a drama queen. My life is perfectly fine. I’m content. I just wish my experiments would work and I wish I had more time. Wise advice from the Professor: Many people just try the same experiment over and over just hoping they will work. But you have to think about what the problem is and change something.


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