To my friends who are weirdloaves

It’s starting to hit me that dorming at Stony is over. I’m used to being home on the weekends, but now that the work week has started, the changes are starting to make me twitch.

The most depressing factor for me was the realization that maybe I didn’t build as strong bonds as I had thought. While we seemed so close and life seemed so perfect, the few days apart have already separated me from many. Sure we could laugh and scream and tease, but I connected on an emotional level with only a few people.

The lifestyle change is just as shocking. For the past seven weeks I have been waking up at 7:50, eating yogurt with strawberries or an omelet on an adventurous day and then heading off to lab. I got to lab at or before 9 and regardless of the day’s trials and circumstances, I could always return to a group of understanding people who could take a few punches and complaints and make me laugh. As much as everyone teased me, they always transformed every bad day into an entertaining and memorable one.
I miss having people to lean on–physically and emotionally–and I miss those relationships and the dynamic of the group. I have friends at home that I can talk to and laugh with but the interactions are incomparable. The inside jokes will never be the same and yeah suddenly the world seems so flawed now that I’ve re-entered the real world where problems linger and negative emotions exist. I feel slightly lost now, having to deal with real problems like obnoxious people on trains and having to console myself.

You know, the world is far from perfect, but if I could always be positive and happy at SBU, why can’t I maintain the same attitude anywhere else? So raise your glasses (full of Naked juice) to celebrate the end of a wonderful summer.

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