18 things I want

Disclaimers: I found this on thoughtcatalog (wow is that the only thing you read meeenz?) but apparently it’s trending in other places that are of no interest to me. Also, this list isn’t of 18 things I want the most, so don’t start questioning my priorities.

  1. Sleep
  2. Motivation to go running everyday
  3. Skinny legs
  4. A baby (don’t event start with me)
  5. Acceptance to Harvard College
  6. My drivers license
  7. The house to myself
  8. Natural athleticism. I know it can be done with practice, but I’m not asking to be an Olympic athlete. I wish I could just throw and catch a frisbee or a basketball or a volleyball with some sort of elegance.
  9. A fun and thrilling date with someone I like but don’t necessarily want to have a relationship with
  10. Film for my polaroid
  11. A shopping spree (and money for that shopping spree)
  12. A heart to heart that makes me and whoever really close and connected
  13. Someone else to initiate an engaging and deep conversation that isn’t depressing
  14. The ability to comfort people who are going through difficult times
  15. More drink less ice when I get a drink from Starbucks
  16. Naturally moisturized lips and elbows
  17. An end to mosquitos
  18. Cheaper train tickets

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