Things that bother me about old(er) people

Number one. They think it’s okay to drink and drive. I once drove 100 miles to home after drinking four beers. One martini is nothing. I’ve been driving for 10+ years and I’ve never been in an accident. I know my limit. Don’t worry. You can drive after a few drinks as long as your BAC is under the limit. What? Okay. I’ll go as far as to say that there are teenagers with this mindset as well, but from what I have seen, even though many teenagers make stupid decisions, MOST teenagers know it’s wrong and feel uncomfortable in these situations. On the other hand, adults have so much “experience” that many genuinely feel comfortable driving after a few drinks. First of all. What kind of example are you setting for kids? Stop. Don’t do it. Just don’t drink and drive.

Number two. They have real problems. I can’t be bothered with your trivial nonsense. You’re worrying about college? Do you know how much I wish I was back in high school? Once you live out in the real world you are going to wish you lived at home again. I’m living a hard life. I have to pay taxes and work for my money you know. I can barely pay the rent. All you tweenagers think about is whether you have enough money to buy a chocolate bar. At this point in my life, the problems that I consider to be large are indeed grand. In terms of priorities, my efforts and concerns should be centered around school and schoolwork. And maybe one day I will wish that I could live at home as a parasite, but right now I want freedom. Is that so hard to understand? And how far removed are you from teenage years that you think all we want to do with our money is buy a chocolate bar?

Number three. They have seen the real world. You can’t argue with them. Your argument is basically invalid because you don’t know enough about the world. I’ve lived 10+ more years than you and I know that your view of the world is flawed. Keep livin that sheltered life, kiddo. Fine, I will.


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