Thank you Big2

I’m so glad I learned how to play cards. I don’t even remember who taught me–either church people or my friends from Hong Kong (shout out) last summer. But thank you times a million for whoever did.

I would say the easiest way, by far, to meet people and get close to new people is to play sports. Nothing brings people together like some team spirit from basketball, soccer, even ultimate frisbee. You sweat together and pat each other on the back and suddenly you guys are bffs. No words needed. But if you’re athletically challenged as I am, then you actually have to talk to people and, at least for me, it’s difficult to carry out a conversation with a stranger for a long time. Unless you ‘click’ on first encounter, which is very unlikely, it takes a lot of time and talking to dig deep, find genuine common interests, and become comfortable just laughing and talking and lounging around.

For those uncoordinated people who just don’t like being hit in the head with a ball or disk, cards is the answer.

There’s something about Big 2 that keeps people entertained for hours. The best part is: it requires no coordination or technique. Well skill is undoubtedly involved, but anyone can pick up tricks within a few games. Trust me. Beginners can win, I would say at least 1 in 10 times because there are those lucky times that you have amazing cards and the good players happen to make stupid decisions. And winning just adds to the fun. Even after playing for hours and losing a good portion of the games, I don’t find myself bored or tired. It’s enticing because every game is so different. You can’t use the same method twice. Winning depends on your moves as much as it depends on your hand. And after a couple of rounds of laughing, taking risks, slapping down your last card first, and slapping down your last card last, you feel closer to these people and wow you just skipped that whole awkward weather conversation phase of your friendship. Huzzah.

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