You are powerful. You have a strong voice. God wants you to speak. You can move people with the power of your words.

My cousin said this and more to me while she was praying for me today and I was really surprised. It was really empowering and so accurate because I feel like God is really working in me in this way. 

I loved her sermon today. It touched me and I could tell it touched a lot of other people as well. Sometimes I forget that there are forces that are seeking to destroy me. It’s not paranoia; it’s awareness. Once I can realize that my fear originates from the devil, I can see fear as just another ploy of just another enemy that I don’t have to succumb to. I loved what my cousin said today. If you fear God, you don’t fear anything else because God is all powerful and we are powerful as well. Jesus himself said that we could do all that he did on earth and more. People think that as Christians we have to live holy lives; we have to go to church and pray and help others. But it’s so much more than that. We’re powerful and we’re commanded to take that power and use it. 


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