• You want to be an engineer? You’ll make way more money as a doctor.
  • I cut too many classes so I didn’t even graduate high school. All my friends went to college but I screwed around and I didn’t. Stay in school.
  • My friend took 8 years to graduate college and he’s now working at the hospital. But I still make the same amount as he does. I sometimes tease him for it, but he’ll probably make more later.
  • It’s not too late to do anything. I applied to IT a trade school for motorcycles. Of course I’m not going to get any financial aid.
  • The economy is going to turn around soon. The best way to go is to start your own business. If you think of something, go for it because when the economy turns the old businesses that failed aren’t going to recover and there is going to be a lot of room for new businesses.
  • Just do what you love doing.

more enlightenment from valet parking attendant

  • You said you’re seventeen? You should know by now. There’s only two things guys want: …

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