I’m such a loser

I lost my phone. At first I thought, “Oh whatever material possessions blah who cares,” but now I’m feeling increasingly upset as I think about everything I lost. I had thousands of photos and videos and hundreds of songs that I never moved to my computer. I didn’t move the data out of laziness and because I do not trust my current laptop, but now I feel like I lost a large part of me and my past. I’ll never get all my contacts back. I had phone numbers of friends from elementary school and middle school, many of who I will never meet or talk to again. I just like having that quasi-physical memory and trace of them. I lost my precious photos of family, friends, tropical destinations, amazing food that I will never see again, events, occasions, awards, and everything else I took photographs of. I cashed the two checks that I won and I just spent all the money on clothes. The money is gone and now the photograph of the checks are gone too. I’m never going to see artists in the same way in concert. My cousin will never be one again. I may never see a chip that looks like George Washington again.

I’m still hoping that someone will return it to me, so I’m not going to buy a new phone. I’ll just have to be phoneless for a week. I think I can do it. It’ll be inconvenient and challenging, but I think I can manage. Please good souls of earth, return my cell phone to me.

One thought on “I’m such a loser

  1. 😦 hope you find it! I tried texting you to invite you to dinner last night :(. (But then I called your house and spoke to your mom, so I figure you were busy anyhow.) I’ll keep my eyes out! 😦 make sure you have something by the time you go to SB on monday! Do you have verizon? we have some old phones you could borrow.

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