Until the age of 10 I was addicted to TV. I mean really addicted. From ages 3 to 5, if my mom had to get my sister from the bus stop or get something from the grocery store, she would switch on the TV, my personal babysitter. Then from ages 5 to 10, you could never stare into my eyes without seeing the reflection of Disney channel. I watched TV before school, after school, during dinner, while doing homework, while exercising, before I went to sleep, and while my mother thought I was sleeping.

I don’t know why my mom didn’t stop me. She always said the TV was a box of stupid, and while I argued otherwise, I knew inside that I never learned anything from TV. I wasn’t the History Channel or Discovery Channel or PBS kind of girl. I was the Lizzie McGuire, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Even Stevens kind of girl. But one day, my mom made the [smart] decision to cut off cable and our family no longer had TV. and that concludes the story of Minnie’s life… Just kidding. I survived and I’m living a quasi-normal life.

Now, all my friends are obsessed with TV, but I don’t care for TV shows. I watch them sometimes absent-mindedly just to get my mind off things, but I don’t feel the urge to watch shows. And the shows I do sometimes watch are trashy reality TV shows, purely comedy shows (30ROCK woot), or Korean dramas (which are just terrible). Basically they are all shows with low weekly quotas; one can endure only so much Snooki and Tina Fey (exception) and corny music. It’s pretty easy to keep TV out of your life if you are like me though.

From first exposure, I was so sensitive to scary things on TV including anything that had serious adults, guns, explosions, monsters, or supernatural beings. I was traumatized by the Hulk, 24, John Q, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Law and Order, and CSI.

I just can’t watch anything with dark themes. I have been trying to force myself to sit through dark movies (my definition of dark is any movie that isn’t a comedy or a romcom), since most quality movies are not comedies and I do acknowledge the value of film. I still feel slightly uncomfortable when watching cop or detective shows, but I think that’s a good thing. I feel fully comfortable watching only a fraction of a fraction of all the programming on TV so therefore I cut out an entire source of procrastination. I can’t watch TV because 1. I’m afraid of everything and 2. Disney channel isn’t as fun when you’re an old and wrinkly like I am. And that is the secret to my success.


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