Evolution of taste

I used to use the paper wrapping to pull away the excess cream cheese in the hole of my bagel. I used to open up my bagel and scrape off as much cream cheese as I could from the top and bottom halves. I closed the bagel like a surgeon sewing up his patient and ate my liposuctioned bagel with only the cream cheese that had filled in the craters of the bagel left.

I used to brush off the big white salt crystals off my warm, soft pretzels and pick off the pieces that were too stubborn to come off.

I used to dip only the tip of my french fries into ketchup. I could eat an order of small french fries using a quarter of an individual ketchup package.

I used to shake the cinnamon off of cinnastix, squeeze the jelly out of doughnuts, scoop the cream out of cannolis, and wipe the sauce off of General Tso’s chicken.

And you said I haven’t changed…

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