Sift out the ju…

Sift out the judgment and strain out the criticism.

Why do I have to explain myself to people? I can’t believe I’m writing about something that is so “old news, old drama.” 

The rule guide of blogging (created by me) says to blog about the present or the past, but only the past that is older than a year because it takes some time for hindsight to become 20/20. Andddd foolishly talking about the present is not nearly as foolish as foolishly discussing the past.

Let us start from the middle. I’m so glad that I didn’t have a date to junior prom because once I was there I realized that I would have felt awkward and uncomfortable if I had a date that was not a really close friend. There weren’t any structured activities or set ups to make the event fun; it was one of those events where the guests create the fun times. And I ended up having a good time because I was with my friends and everything is fun when you’re in good company.

Now rewind and fast forward. I, myself, declare that I was perfectly content at the time with my single solo self at junior prom, yet I always feel the need to explain myself and my situation. To the lady working at the store at the mall when we were buying dresses, to the lady to painted my nails and toes the day before prom, to my non-school friends who “don’t understand how things work at our school.”

I know what people are going to think in their minds and actually it doesn’t take much conjecture because most people just respond judgmentally before I have time to make assumptions.

Yeah that’s it. This post doesn’t deserve a well thought out ending.


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