My eye infectio…

My eye infection is horrendous. Have I posted about an eye infection before? This sounds vaguely familiar… Anyway, yet again, I have an eye infection. It’s so much worse this time. Misquoting Dostoyevsky, something something humans like pain something something because they like pity. That was completely off, but I’m sure one of his books said something like that. And yes indeed, I have been thoroughly enjoying complaining about my eye infection to everyone I encountered today. Everyone was greeted with Ow I have an eye infection. It may be contagious! Just kidding! Stay and chat, it’s not contagious. Oh yes it should concern you that my left eye is swollen and you can barely see my eyeball. It’s really not a big deal. I mean it is, but it shouldn’t worry you. Oh who am I kidding? Of course it should worry you. At this rate I may be blind by tomorrow morning. No, of course I was only joking.

and segue into the poem that Valenti gave the class.

Ignore me

I sit right in front of you

But you never look me in the eye because it is swollen and you can’t see my eye

You wave to everyone in the halls,

But it’s me you pass by.

I’m the kid

Who never talks,

I’m the one

Whom everyone mocks

All because of my eye infection

That’s enough of that poem.

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