I’m so excited to go to Korea this year. I say this every year, but I’m so serious this time. I’m so excited and I have so many things I want to do. The unfortunate part is that I’m only going to be there for two weeks and I have obligations while I’m there, meaning I don’t have unlimited free time. I was also thinking that it’s probably unhealthy for me to be too excited about something that will only be two weeks of my summer before senior year. If I’m only looking forward to those two weeks, I won’t enjoy the other 6 weeks to full potential and I will probably end up being very disappointed by my trip to Korea. So, to get myself excited for other upcoming things, I shall keep a running list of summer events/activities that I can look forward to (excluding every day stuff that of course will be fun because everything is fun in the sun!)

-Six Flags. I must go at least 2 times this summer and I will be participating in the entire Six Flags package. I am talking about the rides, the funnel cake, the outrageously expensive food, the ugly henna tattoos, and everything else.

-Camping/glamping. I want to do something outdoorsy, you know?

-Gym/athletic facilities at SB. I really hope I have access to the athlectic facilities and a lot of time to work out this summer. I need to get in shape already.



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