I’ve had enough

Ugh I hate her. I really don’t like her anymore. Seriously? This is just stupid. So pointless even trying to deal with her. Uhh really? She still doesn’t know the difference. Wow. Just wow. I mean that’s just pathetic. But you know, some people will never get it. I’m done. This is just ridiculous now. I’m not that low. Whatever. It’s not my business. Loser alert. The nerve. And her hair today. I’m not even going to talk about it because it’s so sad. She’s just like her. What a hypocrite. At least I’m not that fake. I’m real. Like welcome to LA biotch.

Come on now. Really? I think the world is on a mean streak. I have to say that some tension has decreased since summer is approaching, but still, we should really find other topics of conversation.


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