What I think.

Make your argument. Criticize other people’s argument. If you want to attack people, become a politician.


A: I like peppermint ice cream.

B: Mint chocolate chip is clearly the better option.

A: Mint chocolate chip has too much chocolate and tastes a bit too medicinal. Plus, the pieces of peppermint in peppermint ice cream give it a really nice texture.

B: What? You’re stupid. You’re just acting like you’re so cultured that you’re open to new and queer tastes. I’m not even going to consider your opinion because I clearly have the superior argument, and brain for that matter. You have really poor judgement in ice cream taste. I obviously have more sophisticated taste buds than you have, so you don’t even have an argument anymore.

Disclaimer: I like peppermint and mint choco chip from Baskin Robbins, the store that I attempted to boycott (I failed).

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