Either this is debate season or I have entered a realm of debate of which I had never been aware. I don’t know what it is, but for the past two weeks I have been surrounded by people voicing their opinions on controversial issues. Sure I’ve been aware of these issues and at least two sides to each issue, and I have argued in the past. Coke vs. Pepsi. Dogs vs. Cats. Barney vs. Teletubbies. Splenda vs. Sweet n Low (I hate both. Go sugar!) You know–trivial matters that, despite how heated some arguments can get, will not greatly affect your life. But recently the heaviest matters that are taboo in most situations have been springing up. I’m talking about abortion, capital punishment, legalizing prostitution, etc. This is pretty overwhelming for a teenager living 50 minutes (express LIRR time) from the Big Apple. Obviously most people are liberal, pro-choice, pro-freedom of everything..To give you a simple picture–hold an unpopular opinion and rotten fruit will be thrown at you (I’m not serious, but the attack you get is probably worse).

I don’t know if this is a valid excuse, but seriously, I’m only 16 and I’m not very well-educated or well-versed in these matters. I don’t want to form opinions just considering the popular opinion and my undeveloped morals. I may be underestimating myself, but I know for sure that (1) I haven’t researched or been exposed to a lot of issues and (2) I am SO incredibly easy to persuade.

These past two weeks have really been a whirlwind for my brain. The amount of times I have changed my opinion or stance in the past several days is more than I have ever done so in my entire life. And yeah I’m definitely planning to steal good arguments that I’ve heard this week. I mean the people who made those arguments must have gotten it from somwhere else, right? Influence influence influence. Is it actually possible to form your own opinions? Opinions do not belong to anyone. Look at me getting philosophical. It sometimes bothers me how uneducated I am regarding certain things. I feel so uncomfortable speaking about philosophy and other matters that I know so little about. Until I am to some degree an expert, I can’t speak about whatever I do not have expertise on (character flaw # a million and also the reason why I can’t learn other languages).


One thought on “Opinions

  1. lovely blog post! I feel exactly the same way, but for some reason I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut,, even when I have no idea what I’m saying, and then I get hit with all of that metaphorical fruit! Gah, opinions. Gah, political preferences. Gah, real-life issues. So overrated.

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