You may be aski…

You may be asking me, Willy, what are you doing on your blog the night before your one and only AP exam that you are not prepared for? And I have no answer.

I’m feeling less and less confident as the minutes go by. I have been way to relaxed the past week about this test. It’s too late to complain now though. I have studied a lot though, just not to my full potential. Where would I be if I have 100% 100% of the time? Definitely not here. Tomorrow morning I’ll focus and use everything I know to perform. and then I’ll be free!!! …and then I’ll have to do all the work that I have been putting off because this test. I still have 5 classes to worry about.


One thought on “You may be aski…

  1. What if we gave 100%, 100% of the time? Oh, Mr. B…
    Don’t worry. I, too, am terrifyingly unprepared for this test.

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