Superficial Don’t Read

I’m having a sixth (1/6) life crisis. This is probably Too Much Information so stop reading if you dislike any of the following: teenagers, teenage girls, teenage girls who complain about their weight, teenage girls who complain about their weight and say they are going to diet and exercise but don’t actually do anything and complain about their weight some more.

I think I’m done growing. in height. So yeah fat actually builds up on my body, my metabolism has slowed down, my posture is horrendous, I can’t run a mile. You know. Everything that goes along with getting older. This is a monumental year for me. A milestone. A watershed. I can’t eat whatever I want and stay skinny and in shape. Maintaining a body without fat rolls actually takes effort for the first time in my life. This year alone I gained 15 pounds and 3 inches on my waist. I’m not fat. Don’t get me wrong. Everyone who knows me would probably slap me because I still look skinny and underweight and bony. But I know that I’m not as skinny as I used to be. It’s not even completely about looks. I like being in shape. It’s a confidence boost and just a better lifestyle. Well now it has to be a lifestyle choice; it used to be something I never even thought about.

And don’t give me the society pressures you to look a certain way shpeal because (1) there’s nothing wrong with being healthy and (2) I entirely recognize my limitations–I know I am never going to have the body of a model. I have the strong, thick bones and disproportionate body of my parents.

In conclusion, cardio and less simple carbs.

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