My limited vocabulary is disconcerting to say the least

I find myself more often than not searching for a word that I don’t know. I end up grunting and singing and putting together several prefixes and suffixes that sound like what I am trying to express and then Dictionary dot com responds no results found. Then I try the thesaurus option which is honestly the worst function ever invented. Thesaurus dot com has the vocabulary of a five year old Korean immigrant whose only exposure to English was Teletubbies which for those who don’t know is a BBC children’s television program with no speaking. Then I end up substituting my “word” with a word that captures 78.6% of what I wish to say. I know that my word exists, but out of the countless (literally) words in the english language, how could I possibly find this word that I’ve probably encountered once in my life? I need to learn more vocabulary. I should probably read more.


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