A stroke of luck? ..or have the tides turned?

My guess: 595

The number of m&m’s in the jar: 593

I won a guessing jar! I won a GUESSING jar! I WON a guessing jar!

What are the chances? I love random lucky moments. I didn’t deserve this nor did I work for it. I stared at a jar for three minutes and decided that there were between 500 and 800 in the jar. So I went with 500s and chose my birth year, the year of the golden pig, as the last two digits. My grandma always told me I would have good luck. It looks like my luck has manifested itself in the form of a jar of m&m’s and a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card. That’s really fine with me.

Aside: I just did some research on the golden pig and according to unreliable sources, 2007 was the year of the golden pig and 1995 was actually the year of the wood pig (Wood Pigs are strong-minded individuals who give of themselves continuously. They have hearts of gold and won’t take no for an answer from a friend in need. These Pigs are practical, down-to-earth and industrious people, always looking for the next project to take on. They enjoy working in groups and work well with other people. courtesy of usbridal.com). My family lied to me! I’m just going to continue believing I was born in the year of the golden pig because that is what my family has told me and the above description does not fit me at all. Pretending to be ignorant is bliss.

There’s something so satisfying about winning something or reaching a prize without any effort or expectations. No input and maximum output. These moments in time are so rare that I couldn’t help treasuringand basking in my accomplishment (word choice?) . Plus, while I was guessing, the principal was standing next to me and he said that he trusted my guess and I guess he had every right to!

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