A tale of a Korean-American

My dad got really mad at me today. It’s funny because when my dad gets really angry with me he always shouts that he isn’t angry in a very loud, harsh tone. If that isn’t anger I don’t know what is. I have an uncle that doesn’t know english so he uses happy to describe every positive emotion and angry to describe all negative emotions. It’s pretty hilarious. You’ll be in a crabby mood because you lost your money or something he’ll ask “angry?”

Back to what I was talking about, my dad got angry at me today. He was lecturing me, which never happens in my house. My parents aren’t the lecturing type. They’ll just scream for a minute and then that is the end of it, but sometimes my dad gets into these lecturing moods. If there’s one thing that I can take away from my parents, that would be not to lecture my kids. I don’t know when I have ever taken an angry tirade-type lecture seriously. Everything goes in one ear and out the other and I’m mocking the lecturer in my head the entire time. I’m sorry but raging people do not make sense and they exaggerate everything, basically refuting any legitimacy they once owned or hoped to have.

The funniest thing about today’s lecture relates to the title of this post. Throughout the ten minute lecture, which was in Korean because my dad could never lecture me in English, my dad kept on using this Korean word that I had never heard of. It was a noun, so it was kind of important to the meaning of everything. Like saying someone took my teqwiurmope. If you don’t know what a teqwiurmope you would be very confused and no context clues could help you with this one. The classic SAT sent comp. She was ___ because she was used to her ____. WHaT?

Well the word came up I would say 10 to15 times and I can’t interrupt my dad because every second of interruption will result in five additional minutes of talking, so I just sat there and half-listened, half-thought about other things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a terrible person. I listen to my parents and I heed the advice of those who are wiser and more experienced and blah, but I assure you this was a completely emotion-driven tirade that could not benefit me in any way. Finally, at the end of the lecture, I asked what does blank mean?

And my dad screamed at me “Learn some Korean!” and then lectured more and stormed off. It was overwhelmingly amusing although I hid how I felt because I’m sneaky like that. By the way, the word was something related/not quite equivalent to account? I still don’t know the word. It’s obviously not a conversational word since I’ve never heard of it.


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