It’s Spring Break!!!!

It is the notorious spring break when high school and college students are expected to go to tropical destinations unsupervised and do things that aren’t to be spoken of. What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo.

So those reality shows ended up not being the best representations of real life, at least for me and the people I know.

I’m super excited about spring break though. I’ve done more activities, visited more places, and walked more miles in the past three days than I have in the past year. I went to Boston on Friday and Saturday to visit my sister and a couple colleges. I loved the colleges. My sister went to college in Boston and I’ve visited countless times, but I really didn’t get to appreciate the city until visiting this time. MIT and Tufts were both beautiful and amazing. The tours for both were so engaging and the tour guides were so friendly and charismatic; I was really impressed. I visited my sister and we went to the farmers’ market which was an incredible experience. Five apples for one dollar. What? They had every type of fresh fruit and vegetable for unimaginably low prices. I had dinner at my sister’s landlord’s restaurant which had authentic italian food (not that I could determine that) and we got a salad and wine on the house (first time I’ve ever received anything ‘on the house’). Then to top it off I had cannolis and tiramisu from the famous Mike’s Bakery.

This is my last week before AP tests and SAT II Subject Tests and all the rest, so I’m planning to study a lot. I’m putting a lot of responsibility and work into my hands. I told my parents I didn’t need to go to a class and I could study on my own, so I really have to focus and get work done efficiently. I’m studying for 4 standardized tests at once plus I have to do my english honors project and practice flute and piccolo. I hope I’m not striving for too much.

I’m excited to work hard and organize myself. I need to care for, rejevenate, and revive my mental, emotional and physical health.


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