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I realize that this is stressful time for all my fellow juniors. I feel the tense environment, ambiance, aura, milieu (?) and all the other SAT words that mean the same thing stemming from the aforementioned SATs as well as ACTs, GPA, ABCs, and all the other letters that determine our futures.

aside: I feel like I really should have studied SAT vocabulary more. I always worked ‘collaboratively’ for vocab assignments during the summer and even when I didn’t study for quizzes I didn’t fail except once or twice. and I got a million postcards sent home for not memorizing the testakers box. I mean I’m done with the SATs, but vocabulary is actually the one part of the SAT that is beneficial for real life and I missed out. Go figure.

I originally wanted this to be a post offering advice to juniors, but I thought about it and I deemed it an impossible task for me to give good advice. I’m not more competent or knowledgeable than any other junior, so I’ve decided that I’m just going to profile juniors. Juniors will probably (hopefully) nod in agreement and everyone else will probably laugh.

1. Juniors are stressed. All high schools students are, but juniors especially. Everyone wants to bring their GPA up. Not to mention, this is the first year you are eligible to go to a formal school-sanctioned social event. In previous years, you had to be asked, but now you can do the asking or even go by yourself. So stressful I know.

2. Juniors are competitive. You are all vying for that cherished title of valedictorian or salutatorian. Regardless of whether you make it evident and others notice or you just keep it to yourself, you can’t help comparing yourself to others. It’s pretty hard to resist that competitive spirit when everyone is starting to list everything good they have done with their lives.

3. So college? college? college? What about college? Junior prom? College? Who? College? What college? What? Essays? Who got in where? College? Campus Tours? Recommendations? Applications? Resumes? Oh my!

4. But don’t worry! There are perks. Girls, you have seniority now in the JPROM! Facebook groups No one can take your night away from you! This is your year! JUNYAAAHS…


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