This is what I would like to tell you. No, you do not have permission to criticize me. No, you will not tear down my self esteem. No, your snide comments will not get to me.

So here’s the deal. I should be studying for AP USH and writing an article and doing my math homework, but I can’t because I just have so much in my mind I feel like my brain will implode any second now. Character flaw number 2: there are certain criticisms that will really haunt me and linger with me for days and weeks and months. I just can’t get over certain things. Find my weak spots and I will crumble.

I’m sure a lot of people know what I’m talking about. If you don’t I’ll explain it. It usually only takes one sentence to push you over the edge. And then the sentence will multiply like DNA strands and it will travel throughout your body and choke your organs and consume your insides and you will shrivel up and die. At least that’s how it feels.

And now here’s something I need help with. How do you deal with a person who you really dislike? I mean really dislike. The dislike you feel for the person makes you turn into Mr. Hyde. Then what?

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