de-praising myself

I’m currently working on an “APPRAISING MYSELF AS A PLAN FOR THE FUTURE” packet for the guidance department that doesn’t take the effort to get to know us during high school. Or maybe I haven’t taken advantage of opportunities to have nice chats with my guidance counselor.  or maybe I’m annoyed because my guidance counselor still doesn’t know my name.

Answering these types of questions is so difficult. Five words to describe yourself? Things I would like admissions officers to know? I’m amazing and I promise I’ll work really hard and participate in activities and become a leader who positively represents the school in my community. Just let me in!

For a funny related story, I was once eavesdropping on a interview while in my teacher’s office (I had permission to be there) and one of the questions was what are three words to describe yourself? And the first word out of the girl’s mouth was ‘Indian.’ It was pretty funny, but I think she was a comical person, so it worked out for her.

Back to words to describe myself. I cannot write organized or diligent because I’m probably the last person to hand in this packet..

So here’s my list

  • Ambitious
  • Persistent
  • Resilient
  • Resourceful
  • Smart
  • Happy

All my life, I have kept journals and blogs and online diaries, yet I have not documented one anecdote worthy of sharing with my guidance counselor or college admissions people. All I do is complain and dramatize my life.


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