chronicles of a crazy saturday night

Last night, I went to my friend’s house to make our research board. I went over at around 9 and we weren’t finished by 11 so I decided to “sleep over” and turn this event into an all-nighter. We had a basic powerpoint of our project, but we needed to make a plotter-printable tri-fold board. We found a random template online and then designed it to our taste. Actually, we started the board last week and we spent three hours deciding what the color scheme would be.

Since we had already decided on the design and color scheme, we expected the rest of it to be quick, but of course, it wasn’t. Laying out a 36″ by 48″ board on a 8″ by 15″ computer screen is pretty frustrating. For some tips, I recommend (1) use a larger computer screen (2) design everything first (3) use font size 20-25 for normal information/bullets (4) visualize your board first and get an idea for sizing and spacing. Some issues that were never resolved include bullet formatting in text boxes and changing text box shape. Anyway, after working on it until 1 am we decided to put our lovely board to sleep for the night. Obviously we weren’t being 100% productive the entire time.

We finished the two panels and part of the middle, but formatting and design and color coordination are still incomplete.

and then somehow we ended up not going to sleep until 4 am which was actually 5 am. Happy Daylight Savings.


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