the C word

I didn’t want to bring this topic up so early, but I guess I must talk about c….co….college!

I visited two colleges over this past week, so I shall share my insights (about the experience not the college. I don’t think I’m ready to say anything about specific colleges yet).

Factors that can really skew a college visit experience and the perception of the college one gains from a college visit: tour guides and weather on that day

Perhaps it’s because I was young at the time, but when I went college visiting with my older sister when she was a prospective student, all the tour guides seemed so perfect and admirable. I remember them being really bright, eloquent, involved in too many extra curricular activities, and leaders of too many clubs and teams. On the contrary, when I visited colleges this week, a lot of the tour guides just seemed to be very normal. I didn’t mind since they were easier to relate to, but the nervous/awkward/stuttering people were off-putting. Also, I think this time of year is tour guide training/initiation season because I had a couple of first-tour tour guides.

In regards to the weather, rain and snow and cold made it difficult to acknowledge the merits of the college especially after my ears and hands became numb from the few hours of standing and walking around.

Nevertheless, although I found the college-visiting experience slightly underwhelming, I did learn some general information about college and I was inspired! So I guess the visits were a success.

Plus, I found it humorous (word choice?) that I met this one friend at both visits. What are the chances?


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