Wednesday night (remixed)

4 Started studying. Mid-afternoon lull passed by. Logged onto gmail and exchanged a few emails.

5 Finally decided to study starting with AP USH due to previous experience as a victim of its soporific effects. Always better to study AP USH earlier in the day.

6 First half of dinner + mild exercise to keep the body running

6:30 more AP USH outlining on the floor of my room

8 Pastor decided to visit the house and hold service. Well, it was planned in advance. Did not join pastor + parents for dinner afterwards

9 Started studying physics. Many sporadic facebook visits to check updates in the physics group.

9:50 Pastor left. Dinner part 2 consisting of leftovers and 20 strawberries

11 Started studying math

11:30 moved to the dining room (being in the same room as bed is not conducive to studying)

11:50 Started playing John Mayer at lowest volume (the only music that keeps me alert, but doesn’t distract me)

11:55 Put kettle on stove top for English breakfast tea

12:01 English breakfast tea made and cooled. Ate a scoop of leftover Baskin Robbins ice cream (I’m not breaking my Baskin Robbins boycott because my mother bought the ice cream and I simply ate what was left over).

12:15 Caffeine from English breakfast tea not kicking in

12:17 Resorted to coffee. Watched a how to use a french press video on YouTube.

12:30 Drinking black french vanilla coffee (not recommended for anyone unless you “approach life with a keen eye for beauty and that you stroll through your day with unmatched grace and class.” ( due to bad previous experience with coffee with milk and sugar. aside: I consider myself very good at drinking unpleasant drinks such as ginseng extract which is a million fold worse than black coffee. Drinking through a straw helps. Do not drink hot substances through a straw. Carcinogenic substances from the plastic may leach into your drink, or worse, the hot liquid may burn your mouth and throat.

12:43 Back to AP USH. memorize!


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