So final stages of my writing. Well, it’s in a forced final stage because it is 2:12 am and I’m submitting it tomorrow in school. Do normal blogs have themes? In this months school newspaper, we’re having a corner on staff bloggers and one person has a cooking blog and another has a sports blog and etc. I started talking about how I want to make a blog, and when asked what it would be about, I said about my life duh. But then I realized this is kind of a life blog. At this point I wouldn’t feel comfortable having the school population reading it, but I mean it’s a public domain so whoever finds it is obviously welcome to read. 

Back to my essay. At this point, I honestly cannot work anymore. Why do I always feel fine submitting crappy work? Major character flaw. Take note enemies.

But actually, it’s not that bad. It turned out a lot better than expected.


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