snark shark. the pain of independence.

Don’t worry, we automatically save a draft of your post as you type so you’ll never lose anything you create.

What the heck wordpress? You just lost something I posted.

The trend of this generation is excessive sarcasm. You either have to be snarky and witty or unimaginably intelligent and knowledgeable. The latter takes way too much time and effort and the former is a) a cop out of every situation b) I dislike it. My bitterness stems from repeated rejections due to dull ‘stylistic’ choices or in other words, I wasn’t bold, witty, snarky, obnoxious enough.

Trends exist for us to follow them, but at the same time creative expression/individualism is important. Well, I enjoy reading funny snarky pieces so I’m not sure what my argument is. I guess I’m just making a plea to the world to make some room for the un-witty, un-snarky, un-humorous people.


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