I have a bone to pick with you

Our school opens up all the department offices to students to do their work in a somewhat focused environment where teachers are always available to help. Teachers usually talk to each other and students usually listen to their conversations. I don’t mind that they talk because they have every right to talk in their office and obviously they don’t say things that students should not be hearing across the room.

But today, I was sitting in one office and there were three teachers in the room talking about basketball, a completely normal topic and they started talking about last night’s Knicks game. Now, I don’t know anything about sports really, but I do know that the Knicks are a basketball team. They started talking about a new Chinese kid who is amazing. They were saying how they didn’t understand how he was rejected from other teams when he was obviously so talented. They said it was stupid that people were giving him beef about the fact that he went to Harvard and on with the praises.

I didn’t really think much of it at the time, but as I was browsing the NY Times just now, I came across this article about him and his name is Jeremy Lin aka the the most normal American first name ever with the easiest and simplest (for Americans) Chinese last name in existence. They kept on referring to him as the Chinese kid so I thought he had a Chinese name that they couldn’t remember because the pronunciation was difficult (which is still questionable but a little more understandable). But come on. Jeremy Lin? They couldn’t refer to him as Jeremy or Lin or Jeremy Lin?


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