Science olympiad

Today was the long awaited science olympiad region competition. It wasn’t really long awaited. Every year, I’m so surprised at how intense some teams are. My team is so laid-back and simple; we don’t do any more than we need to do. 

My first event was forensics, also known as the most impossible event ever. We had to identify 7 powders, 4 polymers, and 5 fibers and analyze fingerprints, blood data, and chromatography, and then read people profiles to solve a crime case. It was way too much work for 50 minutes for us. 

After throwing all the dirty dishes into our box, I ran to experimental design. It was easy, but we didn’t place well which I think can be attributed to lack of originality and creativity. Our write-up was pretty solid, in my opinion.

Last event of the day was water quality which we did the best in, which is surprising considering my partner and I started studying 3 days before the competition. I made our cheat sheet less that 8 hours before the competition and we made our salinometer out of clay, a straw and a test tube with crude markings two days before. Our cheat sheet was an enormous success considering it had most of the information we needed and the flow chart for macroinvertebrate identification was amazing.

Then I waited around for 3 hours before awards. I had  brought work to do, but of course I was distracted by my friend’s iPad and stylus and I ended up drawing pictures on the iPad during all that time. 

On the ride home, I fell asleep and apparently I was flopped over and snoring while there were five other people in the car. lovely.


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