I’m pretty set…

I’m pretty set on the idea that the benefits of challenging myself will generally outweigh the struggles that these challenges pose. I rarely struggle to the extent of giving up except in writing and running, the former eliciting greater stress. 

Only because the necessity of writing is so evident, I’ve been trying so hard to improve my writing and overcome my fear of writing. After two years of demanding writing assignments, I don’t have a problem with history or literary analysis papers, but anything deviating from those two puts me in a rut that I cannot escape from. I end up handing in something half-assed that I hate. I can’t say that I’ve ever written anything creative or opinionated that I am proud of. 

Anyway, I’m determined to write something for NCTE that I’m proud of. I don’t even care if I lose. I just want to work really hard on writing a piece that I am not embarrassed to look at after writing it. 

Also, I’m going to read Moby Dick for my honors project! I’m so excited for some reason. I tried to read it in the seventh grade, but I didn’t really read it even though I told my teacher that I did. Both of my english teachers have told me that they have never been able to finish it, so I’m excited to do it. I always talk to so many english teachers, I feel like I’m cheating on my current english teacher. English teachers are always so motherly and caring, I never know who to choose to talk to. I want my freshman English teacher to return to my school. In retrospect, I really liked her.

So much writing to do. It is neverending.


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