I heard

I told someone that I don’t think I’m funny and he gasped and said “That’s a sign of low self esteem.” I’m not sure when my self-esteem got so low. I didn’t think anything of self-esteem until other people around me started talking about it. Someone once told me that under all the silliness and happiness, I was insecure and for some reason I believed him. I could probably go on, but this topic is trite and pointless.

This is my blog 3.0. I have started so many blogs and journals with the intent of recording my daily life, possibly improving my writing, and sharing it with anyone who cares, but people and events tear apart my life and I cope by writing. Then when it’s all over, I can’t bear to go back and be reminded of it all, so I just start a new journal. and the cycle continues.

Anyway, here it goes.


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